LDA City Commercial

Ground breaking Ceremony

Punjab Police Special Branch Regional Office Groundbreaking Ceremony in LDA City

Good News: GroundBreaking Ceremony Regional Office Special Branch Lahore Foundation Stone Laib By Mr. Zulfiqar Hameed, PSP Takers No. 196 Lahore, February 23 According to the modern requirements of the Punjab Police, the upgradation is going on, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Regional Office of the Special Branch is being held. Additional IG Special Branch Zulfiqar Hameed laid the...

Seller Work With You

Why Should a Seller Work With You?

With so much competition, why would a salesperson want to work with you and no one else? Make this idea a reality! (1) Communication It is very important to be a good communicator. To communicate effectively, you must listen carefully. At first, I didn't know anything about this partnership except that I wanted to be a part of it. I quickly learned that I wasn't selling anything, so without a "show"...

LDA city Phase One balloting

LDA City Phase One Balloting

LDA City Phase One balloting: Housing Minister Mian Mahmood Rasheed SM Imran and DGLDA Muhammad Usman Moqam have done impossible things by working hard day and night. Dr. Murad Ras All Phase One files of LDA Lahore City() with 'drawing Kantija' plot numbers are available on LDA website www.lda.gop.pk Owners can enter their file number and plot number it's about finding out. Provincial...

Development Work LDA Lahore

Development works in LDA City Lahore

Development works LDA Lahore: Director General LDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa chaired the meeting regarding ongoing development works in Lahore. Chief Engineer LDA gave a detailed briefing regarding the completion of 11 sports complexes. The chair was directed to complete the remaining work in time. Chief Engineer LDA said that the tendering process for underground electrification of LDA City has been...

PLRA land acquisition LDA City

PLRA allows land acquisition for LDA City Jinnah Sector, Chenab Road widening

PLRA land acquisition LDA City: The Senior Member Board of Income (SMBR) of Punjab has authorized the procurement of land for the LDA City Jinnah Sector. the enlargement of Chenab Highway, which connects LDA Metropolis to Ring Highway, information sources reported on June 20. PLRA land acquisition LDA City Jinnah Sector Reportedly, the federal government has put aside PKR 1.5975 billion for land buying...

Master Plan For Construction

Master Plan will Provide the Roadmap For the Construction

Master Plan For Construction: Workshop held under the direction of Director General LDA Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa. Workshop on environmental impact related to Master Plan 2050 held at Sports Complex Johnstown. LDA conducted the workshop in partnership with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Preparation of The Master Plan Chief Metropolitan Planning Nadeem Akhtar Zaidi was briefed...

Operation Against Illegal Constructions

Operation Against Illegal Constructions

Operation Against Illegal Constructions: The important meeting was chaired by Director General LDA Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa. A weekly performance report of all zones of the Town Planning Wing was presented in the meeting. Chief Town Planner Shakeel Anjum Minhas briefed Director General LDA. Against Illegal Constructions Chief Town Planner briefs DGLDA regarding town planning operations....

Government Tax On Plots

Government Tax On Plots

Government Tax On Plots: Government Tax On Plots: The government has given tax exemption on the commencement of construction on vacant plots. The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance was chaired by Senator Saleem Mandviwala, in which Finance Minister Muftah Ismail spoke on tax exemption on vacant plots.   Government Tax On Plots: Pakistan's foreign exchange. Finance Minister...

action against illegal schemes

Action Against Illegal Schemes

Action Against Illegal Schemes: An important meeting was held under the chairmanship of Director General Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawaki, Lahore Development Authority. In the meeting, the Chief Metropolitan Planner briefed the Director General LDA about approved/illegal and under-acted private residential schemes. The Director-General directed the Chief Meter Vipolitan Planner to take strict action...

DG LDA Visits Sabzazar Sports

DG LDA Visits Sabzazar Sports Complex

DG LDA Visits Sabzazar Sports: Director General LDA Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawaka visits Sabzazar Sports Complex - DG LDA Chaudhary Muhammad Ali Randhavane inspects construction works. Chief Engineer One LDA Israr Saeed briefed the Director-General on the ongoing work on the project. Sports complex The sports complex should be completed as soon as possible. Strict instruction of DGLDA...

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