LDA City Phase One Balloting

LDA city Phase One balloting

LDA City Phase One balloting: Housing Minister Mian Mahmood Rasheed SM Imran and DGLDA Muhammad Usman Moqam have done impossible things by working hard day and night. Dr. Murad Ras
All Phase One files of LDA Lahore City() with ‘drawing Kantija’ plot numbers are available on LDA website www.lda.gop.pk Owners can enter their file number and plot number it’s about finding out.

Provincial Minister

Provincial Minister for School Education Dr. Murad Ras addressed as a special guest at the draw held at the Ferozpur Road Site Office for the numbering of more than nine thousand files of LDA Phase One, said that the government had the promise to get the plot for file owners of LDA City is fulfilled today. Whatever he said, he did, and he will fulfill the rest of the promises. For this purpose, the special attention and character of the Provincial Minister of Housing Mian Mahmood Ur Rashid are to be commended. ‘Chairman Guth SM Imran and DG LDA Muhammad Usman Moqam accomplished this difficult task by working hard day and night.

Director General Muhammad Usman

Briefing on the occasion, Lahore Development Authority Director General Muhammad Usman Moqam said that every owner of file 9712 should be raised before Allah and the people by plotting. This work could not have been done without the tireless hard work of the development partners. Development from file holders. Got half the costs. Will go. He said that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure transparency in attaching plot numbers to LDA City Phase One files. The draw was organized by Punjab Information Technology Board.

Habib Bank Limited

He said the numbers of the files to be included in the draw were given to Habib Bank Limited, who put fake numbers on them and gave them to LDA and kept the keys of those numbers with them. Then Punjab Information Technology Board pulled these fake numbers. predicted. The numbers drawn on the secret file numbers were announced as the plot number attached to a file by matching it with the original file numbers via the key.

He said that 81 plots of two canals, 1830 of one canal, 3752 of ten marlas, and 4049 plots of five marlas, were built in phase one. Three billion rupees have been allocated in this budget for development works in phase one of the scheme. Here, more than four thousand canals were landed and progress was made in two day and night shifts. Work in progress Two entry gates will be built for the scheme. The new two-kilometer-long link road will be constructed to connect the already constructed LDA City Road from Ferozpur Road to Defense Road with Phase One – It will have the LDA City Underground electricity system. The main part of LDA city will be developed in an area of ​​330 kanals. 16 canal plots were allocated for the construction of the mosque. The minimum width of roads in the scheme is 40 feet. The scheme’s main boulevard is 300 feet wide. Blind cricket stadium sports complex and L D A model cemetery Built on land in the city.

Sadia Sohail Rana MPA

On this occasion, Governing Body Member, Sadia Sohail Rana MPA, Additional Director General of Urban Planning Rana Taka Khan, Director General of Housing Kunwar Ejaz Khaliq Razak, Chief Town Planner Tariq Mahmood, Chief Metro Planner Syed Nadeem Akhtar Zaidi, Director Fahad Anis Director Adish Tap NAB Nasir Raza, and other related Officials also participated – LDA City Development Partners, Imran Ali Bhatti of Pak State, Tahir Javed of Urban Developers, Malik Asif of Alpha State, Abdul Rasheed of Russian Architects and manager Zafar Mahmood Chishti also attended.

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