LDA City

LDA City Lahore Virtual Tour (Updated: 20-06-2022)

Lahore Development Authority

LDA City is a Project of the Lahore Development Authority. It’s the broadest truly lodging plan task of Lahore Development Authority and the area of Punjab. It spread more than 65,000 Kanals. It consists of 5-Marla, 10-Marla, 1-Kanal, and 2-Kanal Residential Plots/files. Just 1.5 km from the metro bus station is spread over 58,000 canals. The 2.1 km long and 180 feet new road from Gaju Matta to LDA City was completed at a cost of 1.13 billion shillings.

This link is provided by Kacha Flyover, which is the first aircraft to be completed in Punjab with public and private transport, along Kacha Railway and on Defense Road. Community planning was completed in addition to multi-family housing, high-rise buildings, public parks, parks, golf courses, international parks, Central Business District (CBD), education and health (universities and hospitals), and modern commercial enterprises. Is. Designed to provide residents with affordable prices. This project will be divided into two parts with nine parts. The LDA will begin development work on this plan.

PHASE-1 PLOT LIST LDA City Plots For Sale

Following are the Prices of Cost Of Land

LDA City | 5-Marla Plot For Sale Updated 07-04-2024
931-C 38.50 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
1073-G1 21.50 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
103-F 34 Lac cornerJunaid Khan +923215555476
87-F 31 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
188-J 30 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
342-J 32 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
749-J23 Lac 3rd BallotJunaid Khan +923215555476
320-N 27 Lac Facing Park 3rd BallotJunaid Khan +923215555476
1054-N 28 Lac 75 ft rd, Facing ParkJunaid Khan +923215555476
625-Q 20 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
367-Q 36 Lac 150 ft RdJunaid Khan +923215555476
10 Marla Residencial Plot for Sale in LDA CITY Lahore 07-04-2024
103-A 36 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
1014-C 62 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
255-C 80 Lac CornerJunaid Khan +923215555476
725-C 62 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
672-C 62 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
367-G1 30 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
1054-L 32 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
148-M 37 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
1 Kanal Residencial Plot for Sale in LDA CITY Lahore List Updated 07-04-2024
70-C 120 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
546-A 60 Lac 3rd BallotJunaid Khan +923215555476
305-G 65 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
273-G 60 Lac 3rd BallotJunaid Khan +923215555476
486-E 85 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
493-E 125 Lac Corner, Facing Park, Double Side 75 ft rdJunaid Khan +923215555476
50-E 135 Lac Corner, 75 ft RdJunaid Khan +923215555476
318-CC 60 Lac Facing ParkJunaid Khan +923215555476
678-CC 90 Lac Facing Park, Corner, 75 ft RdJunaid Khan +923215555476
84-BB 58 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476
27-BB 60 LacJunaid Khan +923215555476

LDA City Updates


LDA City: The Lahore Development Authority City is located at main Ferozpur Road, alongside the Southern arc of the Lahore Ring Road, just 1.5 KM from the Metro Bus Service station (Gajju-Mata) & Bulleh Shah Interchange Lahore.

5 minutes drive from the metro station
25 minutes drive from Kalma Chowk
25 minutes Departure from Lahore International Airport
50 minutes drive from Lahore railway station
30 minutes drive to Raiwind railway station
30 minutes drive from motorway entrance
45 minutes drive from Mall Road

LDA City


There are three main entrances to Lahore Development Authority City which are following

  • Ferozpur Road
  • Kahna Kacha Ring Road Interchange
  • Halloki Ring Road Interchange


Almost 65,000 Kanals, which are further divided into two sectors.

  • Jinnah Sector
  • Iqbal Sector
  • LDA Naya Pakistan Apartments
LDA City Jinnah Sector

It consists of 13,000 Kanals divided into 15 Blocks & 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanals Residential Plots. Except for this, Commercial plots enhance their beauty. Every block has a specific area for commercial, and the whole Jinnah Sector has a Main commercial HUB. It has a total of 11,397 plots, from which 10,000+ have been ballot in two Balloting. Almost 1200 plots are available for 3rd Balloting which will be held soon.

Number Of Plots in jinnah Sector
  • 5 Marla Plots = 4793
  • 10 Marla Plots = 4231
  • 1 Kanal Plots = 2280
  • 2 Kanal Plots = 85
LDA City Iqbal Sector

It was launch on 18th October by Lahore Development Authority. Its are almost 12,000 Kanals; Lahore Development Authority releases a Map for the Iqbal sector. Residential & Commercial Plots details announce soon by Lahore Development Authority. Almost 50% of the Iqbal sector’s land acquire, and further work is in the acquisition process.

Why We Choose LDA City?

This project is leading by Lahore Development Authority

The transfer process is very secure

The location makes it more attractive

50% reduction in development charges More safe & secure than private-sector societies

More safe & secure than private-sector societies

The rates are good enough as a salaried person can also easily invest

LDA City Lahore Master Plan
LDA City Jinnah & Iqbal Sector Block Vise Estimated Price
lda city lahore
LDA City Lahore Development Charges
LDA City Lahore development charges
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Name | Jamshaid Khan

Corporate Headquarters
Khan Estate Advisor, 5# Stop, LDA City Kahna Nau, Lahore, Pakistan

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