Why Should a Seller Work With You?

Seller Work With You

With so much competition, why would a salesperson want to work with you and no one else? Make this idea a reality!

(1) Communication

It is very important to be a good communicator. To communicate effectively, you must listen carefully.

At first, I didn’t know anything about this partnership except that I wanted to be a part of it. I quickly learned that I wasn’t selling anything, so without a “show” to show I didn’t know how to talk to salespeople. I find myself listening to them often.

The main thing was that everyone had different needs and they were willing to tell me what those needs were. The reason people sell is not the house, remember, it’s their lifestyle that makes them sell the house. I had to create a solution for them and they were very happy to work with me.

It’s simple: listen to what they want, and find a way to make it happen.

(2) Experience

Experience comes with time, but the more experience you have, the better you will be at dealing with vendors and the better you will be. The only way to gain knowledge is to talk to as many sellers as possible, so set a goal: 5 a week. 10 a week? – and let it happen. For sale by owner, call for rent signs (maybe the owner will sell), call Craigslist sellers. Find dealers everywhere and call to chat. You will find that many ask the same 3-5 questions. Find out how to respond. Find answers to specific questions. As with success in any business, success in real estate takes time and practice.

(3) History

What are your accomplishments? They will want to know. Notice? Are you in a group that can share your experiences? Again, it takes time to build a reputation, but you will find that sellers are willing to sell to you when you have some buying and selling to share.

(4) Trust

We all want to trust the person we do business with. Selling a home is often the largest undertaking a person will make, so trust plays a bigger role than buying and selling anything in life. Building trust is up to you, but the more experience and practice you have, the easier it will be to build trust.

As you can see, it’s more than just your contribution. We heard from several sellers that one investor had offered a lot, but decided to sell to us because he believed we would deliver on our promises. After many contracts and years, we can confirm that we can buy land, we have bought land and we will continue to buy land.

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