Central Park Lahore

Development Work LDA Lahore

Development works in LDA City Lahore

Development works LDA Lahore: Director General LDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa chaired the meeting regarding ongoing development works in Lahore. Chief Engineer LDA gave a detailed briefing regarding the completion of 11 sports complexes. The chair was directed to complete the remaining work in time. Chief Engineer LDA said that the tendering process for underground electrification of LDA City has been...

PLRA land acquisition LDA City

PLRA allows land acquisition for LDA City Jinnah Sector, Chenab Road widening

PLRA land acquisition LDA City: The Senior Member Board of Income (SMBR) of Punjab has authorized the procurement of land for the LDA City Jinnah Sector. the enlargement of Chenab Highway, which connects LDA Metropolis to Ring Highway, information sources reported on June 20. PLRA land acquisition LDA City Jinnah Sector Reportedly, the federal government has put aside PKR 1.5975 billion for land buying...

Operation Against Illegal Constructions

Operation Against Illegal Constructions

Operation Against Illegal Constructions: The important meeting was chaired by Director General LDA Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa. A weekly performance report of all zones of the Town Planning Wing was presented in the meeting. Chief Town Planner Shakeel Anjum Minhas briefed Director General LDA. Against Illegal Constructions Chief Town Planner briefs DGLDA regarding town planning operations....

action against illegal schemes

Action Against Illegal Schemes

Action Against Illegal Schemes: An important meeting was held under the chairmanship of Director General Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawaki, Lahore Development Authority. In the meeting, the Chief Metropolitan Planner briefed the Director General LDA about approved/illegal and under-acted private residential schemes. The Director-General directed the Chief Meter Vipolitan Planner to take strict action...

Auction of plots under LDA City

Auction of plots under LDA City

Auction of plots under LDA City: 19 residential and commercial plots located in different schemes auctioned for 71 crores 93 lakh 24 thousand 750 rupees. Auction of attractive plots under Lahore Development Authority held yesterday at LDA Community Center Sok Center New Garden Town, 19 commercial and residential plots in various schemes of LDA in total 71 crores 93 lakh 24 thousand 750 rupees. M...

central park lahore


Best investment in Lahore Best investment in Lahore: Lahore is one of the best and most vibrant cities for living and investing in Pakistan. This is the reason why investors consider Lahore as the first place for investment purposes. Similarly, comfortable buyers choose to buy property in Lahore only for for-profit and profit. This is the heart of the city. So the question that comes to mind is which...

central park housing scheme Plan in Lahore

  Evolution of sale prices in Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore Central Park Housing Scheme plan, Lahore, seen on Ferozepur Road / Lahore-Kasur Road. Although it is located on the outskirts of the city, community residents have access to public transportation. Many other amenities within the borders as well as in the surrounding areas. Given all these factors, the features here are...

Central Park Lahore Plots

Real estate for sale in central park offers great investment opportunities and a great return for added value. Find the best plots in central park lahore plots. MESSAGE fromChairman URBAN DEVELOPER (Mian Tahir Javed) My Dear Friends and the Blessings of City Builders AOA. May this message keep you in good health and in high spirits. | thank you for your faith and for...

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