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Chairman URBAN DEVELOPER (Mian Tahir Javed)

My Dear Friends and the Blessings of City Builders


May this message keep you in good health and in high spirits.

| thank you for your faith and for your sincere, enduring support
Urban designers for over 30 years and take this opportunity
to share with you the Great Gospel.

By the grace of Allah SWT & His Blessings, the City Builders have
they discovered another significant event in June 2021; Skills
Approve Existing Central Building Plan (part 1 & part 2)
provided by LDA.

You will be happy to know that this is your central park lahore plots Building
The project, which stretched over 10,000 Kanals, has now become an Approved Public
the project is in Lahore. Now Find the best plots in central park lahore. Good luck! to you too, because
to be a part of that Urban Developers relationship.

| thank you once again assure you
that; Personally & my team will continue to dedicate themselves
wholeheartedly encourage the building of building the houses of the Creator
a satisfactory summary of product relationships.

May Allah be with you;
Stay blessed.
Profound regards,
Urban developers (Mian Tahir Javed)
5 June 2021

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