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Evolution of sale prices in Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore

Central Park Housing Scheme plan, Lahore, seen on Ferozepur Road / Lahore-Kasur Road. Although it is located on the outskirts of the city, community residents have access to public transportation. Many other amenities within the borders as well as in the surrounding areas. Given all these factors, the features here are of great value. Read on for the trend of sale prices in Central Park Iskan, Lahore to make an informed decision:

Homes for Sale in Central Park Housing plan, Lahore

Central Park Housing Scheme, one of the most talked-about housing plans in Lahore, contains a number of homes for sale. The project contains some units built by developers. They ready to move into the category of VIP homes in Block A, and some of them are owner-built homes. There are 5, 10 Marla, 1, and 2 channel homes for sale in the Central Park Housing plan. The price range varies depending on the size, location, quality of fixtures, interior work. As well as front-end design, type of glass, and fixtures used.

The price of 5 Marla houses in the Central Park Housing Plan in Lahore. It starts from PKR 1.05 crore to PKR 1.15 crore. Starting price for Kanal homes at Central Park Housing plan. Lahore is PKR 2.75 crore and can go up to PKR 3.75 crore. Prices for large units are often high. If fully furnished with a beautiful interior and exterior design, prices can exceed 5 crore Pakistani rupees.

Plots for sale in Central Park Housing plan, Lahore

The Central Park housing plan features many 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Canal, and 2 Canal residential parcels for sale. The minimum fee for a 5 Marla plot at Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore is Pakistani Rupees 33 Lac and a maximum value of Pakistani Rupees 60 Lac. In contrast, the starting price for 10 parcels of Marla’s land in the community is PKR 50 lakh which goes up to PKR 95 lakh.

Apartments for sale in Central Park Housing plan, Lahore

The Central Park Lahore home plan also features one- and two-bedroom apartments for sale in various apartment complexes.




The rental units in the Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore have different rental rates as rental prices depend on the respective structure and characteristics. However, homes closer to amenities, a corner, or a park, and located in a fully developed and densely populated area, have higher monthly rents. For renting a house of 5 marlas 15000 to 25000. On the other hand, 10 gauze houses for rent in CPHS, Lahore have a monthly rent of Rs 30,000 to Rs 65,000.


Central Park Housing Scheme, Lahore, offers various types of apartments for rent with 1 and 2 beds. The cost of renting apartments varies depending on their location in the community, as apartments in a commercial area have a higher cost (15000 to 25000)


 Nice photo of the neat Central Park Housing plan shopping area Since most of the neighborhoods of CPHS, Lahore are under development, there is a great opportunity to invest in commercial real estate. The commercial plots for sale in Central Park Housing plan, Lahore are 5 and 8 gauge and can be an excellent choice for the construction of shops, commercial buildings, offices, financial institutions, supermarkets, and various other commercial properties. In addition, investors and entrepreneurs can also explore opportunities in fully developed segments of society. In addition to investing in plots, you can also lease or buy other types of commercial real estate such as office space, plazas, and commercial spaces on commercial avenues. The cost of commercial real estate varies in different quarters of Central Park.


 Block A preferred for investment in CPHS, Lahore. According to the Zameen.com search statistics, the most popular block of the Central Park housing plan in Lahore for buying real estate is Block A. This is the most populous part of CPHS in Lahore, where almost all the main facilities and services are located. In addition, most of the houses and villas are completely built-in this block, and families have settled in them.

 Block A is preferable as it is relatively more developed for renting.

Rental rates are available in Block A, as the minimum rent for a well-built 5 marlas house starts at PKR 27,000 per month. Other reasons for the popularity of this quarter maybe its proximity to various services, as well as fully functional shopping malls.

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