Auction of plots under LDA City

Auction of plots under LDA City
Auction of plots under LDA City: 19 residential and commercial plots located in different schemes auctioned for 71 crores 93 lakh 24 thousand 750 rupees. Auction of attractive plots under Lahore Development Authority held yesterday at LDA Community Center Sok Center New Garden Town, 19 commercial and residential plots in various schemes of LDA in total 71 crores 93 lakh 24 thousand 750 rupees. M done.
Auction of plots under LDA City: Plot No. 288-A/31 Khyber Block Iqbal Town auctioned for 75 lakh 15 thousand rupees. Plot No. 806/5 Block B Jubilee Town 38 lakh 82 thousand was auctioned in Europe. Plot No.806/6 Block B Jubble Town 38 lakh 82 thousand were auctioned in Rs. 762/2 Block C Jubilee Town 44 Auctioned at 92 thousand 950 rupees.

Plot number 762/3 block C

Plot number 762/3 block C Jubilee Town 44 La Kha 92 thousand 950 rupees auctioned. 59 Plot number Sok Center Jubilee Town auctioned for five crores 95 lakh 37 thousand R800 rupees. 63 Plot number corner Sok Center Jubilee town auctioned for 6 crores 25 lakh rupees.
Plot number 55 6 block C Jubilee town 46 lakh 20 thousand rupees auctioned. Plot number 695 Block C Jubilee Town 44 lakh 70 thousand rupees. Auctioned. Plot No. 724 Block C Jubilee Town 46 lakh 80 thousand rupees auctioned.
Plot No. 70 Block D Jubilee Town auctioned for one crore 51 lakh four thousand four hundred rupees. Plot No. 91 Block D jubilee town auctioned for 98 lakh 67 thousand rupees. Plot no. 404 Block F Jubilee Town was auctioned for 68 lakh rupees. Plot No.3 Bi Johar Town four crore 50 lakh 16 thousand rupees. Auction held in May. Plot No. 96 Corner, Sok Center, Vegetables, 4 crores. Auctioned for 33 lakh 28 thousand 250 rupees. Plot number 98 Sok Center Vegetable Zar auctioned for one crore 52 lakh four thousand eight hundred rupees. Plot number 1 corner. Two, sector C to Quaid Azam Town auctioned for 74 lakh 25 thousand rupees.
Plot No. 2, Sector D Two, Quaidazam Town 71 lakh 32 thousand Auctioned for five hundred rupees and plot number 7, two, sector D two Qaid-e-Azam Town auctioned for 90 lakh 24 thousand rupees. Members of the Public Auction Committee conducted by Additional Director General (Housing), Director Finance ‘Directors State Management, Directors Land Development, and other related officers- Auction public before the auction starts The terms and conditions were heard after reading.
Date: 6 April 2022

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