Terms & Conditions For Sale Of Commercial In LDA City

Terms & Conditions For Sale Of Commercial In LDA City.

1) An applicant may submit as many applications for as many categories of reasons as they wish, subject to the following non-refundable application fees:
Plot size.Enrollment fees

  • Up to 8-Marla Rs. 10,000 / –
  • Over 8-Marla up to 15-Marla Rs. 15,000 / –
  • Over 15-Marla Rs. 20,000 / –

2) The price of the land is DKK 3100000 (3.1 million) / Marla including development costs.

3) The applicant must submit 20% of the total land price. Advance payment within 30 days of the publication of the first vote result. In case of non-payment, the withdrawal will be automatically withdrawn/cancel

4) The remaining 80% of the land price must be present in quarterly installments. Duration of more than two years, starting from a period of 30 days from the publication of 1. survey result.

5) Only these applicants will be included in the 2nd vote for the assignment of the basic numbers. Presented at least 50% of the ascertained basic value (ie after the payment of the 3rd installment).

6) Winners who make a lump sum will receive a discount of up to 10% of the total value.

7) Terms & Conditions For Sale Of Commercial In LDA City. In the case of land with premium characteristics, eg. front/corner parking lot / located on main road lots. (Where the main road will be 60ft for lots with 5 marlas and sub-category and 75ft for lots with more than 5 marlas).

Additional Expenses

I. 10% more if the plot has one of the three premium features
ii. 15% more if the storyline has two of the three premium features
ii. 20% more if the storyline has all three premium features

8) Land assignment can be transferred upon payment by the Govt. Taxes and transfer fees @Rs. 25,000 people Marla at the LDA.

9) In case of non-payment of the quarterly installments, Rs 1000 / day will be charged as a penalty for a maximum period of 60 days after the expiry of one installment. Failure to pay after 60 days will result in the cancellation of the LDA assignment.

10) In case of cancellation of the assignment by the ADL, the applicant can request the cancellation of the assignment provided that he presents all the pending installments plus two advance installments within 90 days from the date of cancellation.

11) In case of non-payment of the membership fee even after 90 days, the land will not be restored in the future and the ADL will refund the amount that the applicant has deposited after a deduction of 20%.

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