LDA reduces cost of housing units in Naya Pakistan scheme

Naya Pakistan scheme

Lahore: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has finally succeeded. In reducing the cost of a single storey unit. 650 square feet from over Rs 3,855 crore to Rs 2,224 crore. In the first phase of LDA’s Naya Housing scheme in Pakistan. in Lahore.

Under Phase One, LDA plans to build 4,000 housing units for its employees. Thousands of other similar units are scheduled to be built in other phases of the project. The authority also approved a modified PC-1 with a value of Rs.9,917 crore.

According to the minutes of the last meeting of the LDA governing body. It is planned to build housing units on land included in the LDA city housing scheme. It is considered that the residential complex will be developed on an area of   about 8,500 channels for 35,000 units in three years.

construction of a Naya Pakistan scheme

In addition to the construction of a residential complex. LDA will also implement allied infrastructure facilities. such as streets, roads, walkways. Water supply system, sewage and sewage, external electricity, gardening and gardening works, also include etc.

The services of a technical consultant were also engaged for the engineering design of the apartment complex. related infrastructure works. The schematic diagram of the complex architectural design of residential buildings. All related infrastructure works designs have been completed by the respective neighborhoods.

“Initially, PC-I for the scheme amounting to 192.480 crore was prepared based on market price system and submitted for approval at the 28th and 30th meetings of July 2020. The authority ordered the preparation of PC-II for the project. It was approved by the LDA in its fourth meeting of 2020.

In addition, it referred the issue of approval of the immediate PC-I to the Development Working Group. The Guidance to determine the PC-I based on C&W Buildings Management of Base Area/Stand Yard Prices,” the minutes read.

The minutes reveal that the DWP, at its meeting on August 18, unanimously recommended the “LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments Construction of Apartments” project with a base area fee of Rs 226.84 billion for approval.

The PC-l, amounting to Rs 226.84 crore, was submitted to the LDA Governing Authority/Body at its meeting. The authority ordered infrastructure development only. Present PC-I for infrastructure to be developed by LDA at the next meeting of the DWP.

LDA Apartments Technical Committee

In addition, the authority has ordered the formation of the “LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments Technical Committee” to finalize the technical/design specifications and financial offers related to Expressions of Interest (EOI). In addition, the technical committee was also tasked with reducing the cost of a 650-square-foot apartment to 2.5 million rupees.

The committee meeting was held on the tenth of October, according to the scope of work. Meanwhile, on the advice of the Vice President of LDA, the project design consultant has drawn up a proposal to explore alternative building materials/technical pathways in relation to the construction cost and containment of the cost of an individual apartment of Rs 2.5 million.

Which included the cost of land set by the Office. The Additional Director General (Urban Planning) and the cost of infrastructure.

After completion of the technical/design specification of the project. PC-I has been framed for phase one of the scheme comprising 4,000 units worth Rs 10,375 billion,” the minutes explain. PC-I of Rs 10.375 crore was introduced at the DWP meeting held on 11th November. Which recommended a cut to Rs 9.817 crore. And he finally agreed to it,” the record stated.

Posted in Dawn, January 4, 2021

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