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Investment Strategy

When you start selling a home, what should you look for and know? Of course, it is not possible to learn or master wisdom in all areas at once. So what are the sources?

For us, the family was, and still is, important. I started because I knew it. I live with family, for most of my life, and most of my family and friends live with family. This seems like an appropriate place to start learning. I know a thing or two about a house, and many things at the same time, and a roof or heat and air.

Maybe you know somewhere else. Some sellers prefer mobile homes or farmhouses. When I ask why they say they live in a car or have relatives invested in it or whatever, they know money management and they enjoy it.

Once you pick a course, study, and study until you’re good at it. Gradually add the next step. Then you won’t be disappointed with all the opportunities this place has to offer.

Another difference is that we start by thinking about the space and field we want to be a part of, not some fundraising program like discount or research. By focusing on multiple sources rather than a single channel, we get a more diverse buying process.

What is this? Because in business you never know who’s going to call you or what you’re going to get. Our goal has always been to provide a gift, a solution for everyone who comes to us. If you focus on one way, such as closing, selling, or selling real estate, you will avoid doing too much work because it doesn’t fit into your schedule.

Additionally, a real estate agent can reduce marketing costs and increase the visibility of your home because you can sell more in less space. I wrote a lot about business – how, where, and why!

But it’s important to get involved with financial organizations like the local REIA and landlords to identify and offer services you can’t or won’t. Job searching (whatever method you use to find it) takes time and money, so you want someone to give you something you don’t need.

Are you attending a vendor meeting? It’s probably you. Here you can see what’s happening in your area and what other investors are thinking and why. You will also have the people you need (attorneys, employees, buyers, etc.) for your business investment. Find a meeting in your area at and

At the same time, our interests have changed based on our original goals and objectives, changes in the economy, and other demands. We pay and provide repairs for sale and resale.

What currency did you choose and why?

My name is Karen Rittenhouse and I have been selling homes since 2004. I buy about 60 homes a year, which is 80% of my sales. We intend to use the money to pay for all of our assets.

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