Al Kabir Town Lahore

Al Kabir Town Lahore is an Al-Kabir Developers project fully approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), which is committed to providing a high standard of living for its people. The phase was launched on December 1, 2016, and received a large response from investors and buyers. The location, planning, development, rates, and state-of-the-art facilities of the project made it a popular choice in the real estate industry. In March 2017, Al Kabir Tan started its apartments, and about two months later, in May, Phase 2 was opened. The project offers fully developed residential and commercial land, villas, and apartments, which guarantees a luxurious lifestyle.

Al Kabir Town Lahore Planning and development

tive land prices Al Kabir Ta Lahore and its available payment schedule differentiate the project. Both sections of society are in demand of budget-friendly investment opportunities. Development work is nearing completion, and landowners have also been given goods. Many families have settled in Phase 1, roads and streets have been built, plots of land have been developed and utilities have been connected.

Al Kabir Town Lahore

Al Kabir Town Lahore Park in Lahore

Al Kabir Town offers residents a lush park to have a good time with family, friends, and especially children.

Sports facilities and fitness center at Al Kabir Town Lahore in Lahore

Al Kabir Tan understands the importance of an active lifestyle. Therefore, it plans to create a gym and fitness center equipped with high-quality machines. There will be a gym as well as professionally trained instructors for aerobics and yoga classes.

Salon Al Kabir Town Lahore and resorts in Lahore

From Al Kabir Tan Phase 1, you can easily reach Dolly Rockers Ladies Beauty Tea Salon, Dileplex for Ideas, Revive Beauty Beauty Tea Salon, and Institute in 10 to 15 minutes.

Sobia Nail Studio and Beauty Tea Salon, Blaze Al Kabir Tan Phase 2, is 15 minutes away.

Nearby areas

The residents of Al Kabir Tan have many leisure and entertainment opportunities in the area. For movies, they can visit Cine Gold, located at Takbir Block, Lahore, Cinepax Lake City on Raiwind Road, and The Arena 3D Digital Cinema Bahria Orchard. There are also parks near both stages, such as Nargis Quarter Park in Bahria, 7 minutes away, Safari Park on Wildlife Park Road 13 minutes away, and Lahore Wildlife Park on Safari Street. Can be reached in 15 minutes.

Amusement parks

Amusement parks in the area are also a great source of recreation for all ages. Residents of Al Kabir Ta can visit Fun World and Lake Zone Lake City, just 6 to 12 minutes away. There are also gaming arenas in the Kamti Community City area, including Roshan – Fun Mania Sector C Bahria Town and Cafe Connect Gaming Lounge Sector B Bahria Town. These play areas are about 10 to 15 minutes from Al Kabir Tan. Other nearby attractions include the Eiffel Tower in the purple block of Bahria. In addition, the Bahria Tan C sector has a family leisure center, namely Humpty Dumpty. It has rides and simulators for both adults and children.

Things to consider

Al Kabir is popular not only among wealthy investors but also among potential low- and middle-income buyers. The features of this project are a great investment opportunity, especially for those who want an affordable home or plot of land. Cost-effective land prices also have a flexible payment schedule. Buyers can pay the entire amount in simple installments. The approval of the LDA has had a major impact on the value of its assets. Development work is also underway. Another significant achievement is that Phase 2 items, such as blocks A, B, and C, have been allocated. This further boosted investor interest in Al Kabir Tan.


The importance of Al Kabir Ta Lahore or Lahore from nearby major places

  • Kabir Al Kabir Ta Major is close to major housing schemes, namely Lake City Lahore, Bahria Tan, and Bahria Orchard.
  • Multan Road and Canal Road are easily accessible via the beautiful ring road from Al Kabir
  • The Lahore Bypass intersection is also located on Raiwind Road, which adds value to Al Kabir Tan properties.
  • The Lahore ring road connects Al Kabir Tan with the city center. Residents can reach the road of Ferozepur Road, Lahore Cantt, Allama Iqbal Airport, and DHA Lahore.
  • Thokar Niaz Beg is also a few kilometers away
  • Proximity to famous Housing Sing projects and connection to various road networks has increased the overall value of Al Kabir Tan.

Al Kabir Town Lahore is Location

Al Kabir Ta Lahore is located on the main Raiwind Road, south of Lahore. The project is located right in front of lake city, close to Bikanha House National University, Adda Plot, and Bahria Tan Lahore. The association will be directly accessible from the main city in minutes via the South Loop 2 junction on the Lahore Bypass. In addition, it is surrounded by various new housing schemes, which are being developed until 2019.

Al Kabir city is located on the famous main Raiwind Road in Lahore As the Raiwind Road estate is located outside the main city, this part of the land was more or less neglected for a few years. However, the industry has made significant progress in recent months. Residential projects in this area have attracted a large number of investors. Example: Al Kabir Ta, which is popular with both investors and home buyers. In addition, the housing scheme is located in the center of the village on Raiwind Road. Getting to and from Al Kabir is much more convenient than other Raiwind Road projects, and residents can go directly to the main road.

Al kabir Town Lahore map

Wide carpeted Main Boulevard

Development work is underway in Al Kabir Tan Phase 2. Rounding of residential plots has started, muddy roads have been laid and underground wiring has started. The construction of villas and apartments is also in its infancy.

Construction is underway

Al Kabir Tan Phase 1 is divided into two blocks – Block A and Block A – extension. Its A quarter offers 3 Marla and 5 Marla residential and commercial plots, as well as standard 1 and 2-bed standard and luxury apartments. The land is also reserved for the cemetery. Block A-Extension offers only 3 plots of Marla residential land.

Al Kabir Tan Phase 2 is relatively larger in size than Phase 1. This phase is divided into nine blocks, ie A, B, C, D, and E., and 1 Kanal residential plot and commercial plots 3, 5, and 8 Marla. It has both residential and commercial plots in the 3 gauze Usman quarter and extension and 3 and 5 gauze in the Ali quarter. Omar Units 3 and 5 Marla also offers commercial and residential plots of land. In the second stage, pre-built platinum houses are also offered.


  • Underground power lines
  • Cost-effective features
  • Gra Land cemeteries
  • The highest standard of living
  • Better development actors
  • Legal complaint and the perfect situation
  • Proper road infrastructure
  • Gated community
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Electricity Uninterruptible power supply and water supply


Equipment, schools, and healthcare

Al Kabir Ta Lahore Public transport near Lahore

Jia Bagga Bus Stop is 6 km from Al Kabir Tan near Lahore. Located on the main Raiwind Road, within easy reach of the public transport project.

Market near

As development works, so will the surrounding markets. Al Kabir Tan will host March, which will provide fashion brands with a daily grocery collection. However, residents can visit the Qadri General Store in Kot Bagh district, about 4 km away. Other facilities include Fazia Market, which is approximately 8 km from Phase 1 and 3 to 3 km from Phase 2. The Al-Sheikh Super Mart, Student Inpatient, and Grand Martin AWT hanging scheme are available after 11 km.

Masjid near Lahore

Al Kabir Tan is a partially built mosque in Lahore

For the convenience of the residents of Al Kabir Tan, there will be mosques here every quarter. Nearby mosques include Rafi Masjid and Grand Jamia Masjid Bahria Tan Lahore.

Schools, colleges, and universities and Al Kabir Ta Lahore near Lahore

The land in this project is reserved for schools. Educational institutions near Al Kabir Tan are state-owned. Girls Primary School, Allied School Raiwind Road, Bahria Town School, Beachhouse School, Dar-e-Arkam, Akhtar Saeed College of Medicine and Dentistry, and Beahaus National University.

Al Kabir Town Lahore near the Bank of Lahore

Allied Bank Ltd. Al Kabir Tan Phase Lake City is available within 2 to 6 minutes. Bahria Town Lahore Lahore, the other major banks are within easy reach within 10 to 15 minutes of Al Kabir Town Phase 1.


Al Kabir Town has integrated energy backup systems to avoid inconvenience to the population.


Al Kabir Town will be surrounded by a fully equipped modern hospital with 24-hour emergency services. It will also have trauma wards, blood banks, laboratories, and surgeries. The hospital will be staffed by highly qualified specialists and surgeons.

Residents of Al Kabir Town Lahore are close to Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital, City Hospital, and Bahria International Hospital.

Features of Al Kabir Town Lahore Lahore

Sale Price trends in Lahore

House For Sale in Lahore

Al Kabir Town Lahore has some owner-occupied houses for sale in Lahore Phase 1 and has Phase 2 prefabricated villas. Phase 1 of the project consists of two blocks, namely A and A extensions with houses built on 3 and 5 gauzes. Al Kabir Town Phase 2 offers villas built by the owner in sizes 3, 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal in Phase 2, and the developer has built nine blocks called A, B, C, D. E, Usman, Omar, and Ali.

The asking price of 3 gauze houses for sale in Al Kabir Tan is from 39 to 65 million. The surrounding houses have a modern design built of concrete materials and tiled floors, marble floors, and beautiful wooden products. House 5 gauze is worth about Rs 1.15 million.

Al Kabir Town Lahore plot of land for sale in Lahore

A less developed plot of land for platinum homes in Al Kabir Town Lahore

Al Kabir Taits offers for sale plots in various blocks of 3, 5, 8, 10 gauze, and 1 channel sizes. Its residential plots are fully developed and are available at affordable prices as well as easy to pay off. Prices for 3 Marla plots start from Rs 2 lakh and reach 25 Ls. Plots located in the corner or facing the park or near the main road have higher prices and rates. The price of 5 Marla plots for sale in Al Kabir Tan is from 12.5 to 36 million rubles. Prices for 1 Kanal plot range from Rs 65 lakh to Rs 72 lakh.

Apartments for sale in Al Kabir Town Lahore

Al Kabir Tan also offers apartments for sale. Standard and deluxe apartments with 1 and 2 beds can be offered. These apartments are available with flexible monthly payments and a 5% discount for full cash payments. Al Kabir Tan apartments are safe, offer 24-hour surveillance, and are earthquake-resistant. Other facilities include a high-speed, well-maintained lift, fire extinguisher, energy storage system, rooftop restaurant, garden, and swimming pool, mini theater, gym, and covered parking. The estimated value of 1-bed apartments is Rs 20 million, while the value of 2-bed apartments is from 28 to 30 million.

Commercial features of Al Kabir Town Lahore

Al Kabir Town has commercial properties for sale in both phases. In particular, Phase 2 has fully developed trading venues. There are 3, 5, and 8 Marla commercial plots in the different Phase 1 and 2 blocks, the price of commercial plots in Al Kabir Tan starts from Rs 10 million, and the highest rate until January 2019 is Rs 1.3 billion.

Al Kabir Town Lahore The most famous stage in Lahore

Land statistics for popular Al Kabir Town Lahore sections for property purchase

According to data collected by the Land in January 2019, Al Kabir Tan Phase 2 is the most popular property purchase block. This stage is very large, relatively, it is characterized by nine blocks. In addition to commercial and residential properties, Phase 2 offers platinum houses built by developers.


Shopping, restaurants, and bakeries

Mouls Al Kabir Town near Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is 10 to 15 minutes from Jasmine Shopping Mall, Salam Square and Safari Mall, Al Kabir Tan Lahore.

Restaurants and bakeries near Al Kabir Town

Al Kabir Town fine offers fine dining, continental dishes, fast food, local and international restaurants, and cafés.

In Teen Fast Food Restaurant is located on Raiwind Road in Tarogil, just 2 minutes from Al Kabir Tan Lahore. Other restaurants within easy reach are in the Bahria Tan, about 11 minutes away. Some of them are Biryani Master, The Pizza Shop, Crosta 11, Manhattan Bites, Jamin Java Cafe, and others.

Gourmet Bakers & Sweets, Bakers Village, Choco Palace, Cake & Bakers Phase 2 are located in Bahria Tan, 12 to 17 minutes away.

Outdoor activities, fitness, and beauty

Al Kabir Town Lahore Cinema in Lahore

Al Kabir Town IMAX cinema is being developed. Residents will be able to enjoy the latest hits with friends and family in a high-class environment.

Al Kabir Town Lahore Zoo in Lahore

The company has added a zoo to its plan, which will provide residents with an exciting recreational experience. It will contain more than 20 species of birds and other animals, including deer, snakes, monkeys, etc.

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